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Amira Karaoud is a multimedia journalist based between Senegal and Kentucky. She is passionate about telling stories of tight-knit communities that thrive on finding authenticities and creating connections around their subculture. 


For the last 7 years, her journalistic career allowed her to cross cultural lines gaining an intricate understanding of inequalities affecting communities in different parts of the world. In Kentucky, USA, and in Manchester, UK, Karaoud covered stories of resistance and celebration by BIPOC and rural communities, e.i. Reporting on Breonna Taylor’s protests in Louisville, KY, the Afghan refugee crisis in the US, eviction issues during COVID, bitcoin mining in Eastern Kentucky, and other social issues. 


In Africa, Karaoud reported on the environmental crisis in Tunisia as a fellow of ICFJ. She also reported for Foreign Policy’s podcast “The Negotiator” on peace negotiation of young Libyan politicians and civil society representatives. 


Karaoud’s work has won multiple prizes and grants in journalism and art. One of her photographs in 2023 was selected by the British Journal of Photography's book "2023 Portrait of Humanity", printed by Hoxton Mini Press. In 2021 her coverage of the eviction crisis in the US won CNN Picture of the Year. In Jan 2023 she received a grant from the Kentucky Foundation of Women in recognition of her 2022 reporting story on an Afghan migration settlement in Bowling Green, Kentucky, for Reuters. 


Throughout the years Karaoud worked with different clients including  Reuters, PBS, Bloomberg, Nawaat, Hyphenonline, and many other clients in the US, UK, and Tunisia.... She also reported for Foreign Policy's podcast "The Negotiator", contributed to the show "the other Latif" with RadioLab, and collaborated with other NPR radio programs and podcasts in the US and Nigeria.  

       Karaoud is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Anthropology, Media, and Performance at the University of Manchester, UK and currently conducting fieldwork in Senegal. 

       Karaoud is a member of Women Photograph and Diversify Photo, African Women Photographer, and a fellowship of ICFJ. 

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