Amira Karaoud is a photojournalist and audio-producer based between the US and Tunisia. Karaoud is passionate about telling stories of tight-knit communities who thrive on finding their own authenticities and creating connections around their subculture.

Karaoud cover news stories from the prospective of communities of color in the south of the US and MENA region. Her work appeared in Reuters, Reuters TV, New York Times, Bloomberg, PBS, KET, CBS News, Yahoo News, LEO Louisville, Aljazeera America.

After her participation in the production of Radio Lab Documentary "The Other Latif," Karaoud started working on producing her show "For MotheRLand to HomeLand". With the mentorship of Susan Valot, award wining radio journalist from LA, she created the trailer of the show during the Pandemic, when Karaoud did more audio work them Photography. 

Currently she is in production of its first season "From Motherland to Homeland" with WFPL incubator. The show is short documentaries of women immigration stories.

Karaoud is a member of Women Photograph and Diversify Photo and a fellowship of ICFJ Global nutrition and food security reporting for her multi-media documentary "Healing Land" of Black Urban Farmers in Kentucky who are creating community culture through food that have served the community during COVID and continue to do so creating new food distribution system that reply to the need of these communities living in food apartheid regions in the US. 

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