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Curriculum Vitae


                  2019 Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism Certificate,

                           International Center of Photography.

                  2018 Master in Anthropology,

                           University of Louisville.


                  2006 MBA in Financial Management,

                           Pace University, NY.  

                  2002 BA in Finance and Statistic,

                            University of Manar, Tunis. 



                   2020 Glasgow Gallery of Photography Group show, Glasgow, Scotland.


                   2019 HEYA, International Center of Photography, NYC. 

                   2018 Western Sahara Women in refugee camp, her heritage and war: her liberators

                            Published in Advances in Gender research,

                            Volume 26: “Gender and the Media" Nov 2018.

                    2018 Bridging Cultures, Video Documentary, Louisville KY. 

                    2017 Refugees from the 7 banned country

                             Published stories with LEO Weekly newspaper.

                    2017 Western Sahara in Exile, Photo Exhibit; Louisville, KY.

                    2016 Louisville Tribe: Sounds of Olmsted Parks,  

                             Louisville Palace; Louisville, KY. Installation of photographs of Urban parks,

                             recorded sounds and live performance playing Meditative Crystal Bowl.


                   2015 I Will have soft Hands, Open Gallery, Louisville, KY.

                             Women labor exploitation in Asia and Tunisia.


                  2013-  2015

                             Ligne Rouge: Women and access to public spaces. 

                             2013 at Sadika Art Gallery in Tunis, Tunisia. 

                             2014 Crane House, Huff Gallery, Louisville, KY 

                             2015 at CAISA, Helsinki, Finland


                   2020: Eddie Adams Workshop III

                   2020: Kentucky Foundation for women Art Meets Activism grant 


                   2019: First Prize in the 13th Annual Student Exhibition at University of Louisville


                   2018: International Center of Photography Director’s Scholarship


                   2018: Great Meadows Foundation, Artists Enrichment Grant.


                   2018: Shining a Light International exhibition on experiences of refugee women,

                            at Mohamed Ali center (UNHCR and Women’s refugee commission).


                   2018: Kentucky Foundation for women Artist Enrichment Grant.


                   2016: Great Meadows Foundation, Artist Professional Development Grant.


                   2016:  First photography price on Chouftouhouna International feminist art festival.


                   2014: Musée Belotti, Rome, Italy. Published in Imago Mundi Exhibit: art collection of works                                                    commissioned and collected by Luciano Benetton.

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